HR001CD - PARADISE IN FLAMES "Devil´s Collection" Digipack CD

01. Nahemah´s Possession
02. I´m Sure Your Gods Have Seen This Before
03. Satan´s Law
04. It´s All Wrong
05. Has Never Seen A World Without Wars
06. The Tepes
07. Ripping Off False Masks
08. Hell´s Now
09. Devil From The Sky ( Bonus Track )
10. No Life On Earth
Style: Symphonic Black Metal
Country: Brazil

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HR002CD - AVERNAL "Tzompantli" Digipack CD

01. Hilera De Craneos
02. Kraken
03. Arquitectura Pestilente
04. El Ungido
05. La Densidad
06. Los Desesperados
07. Frio Despertar Apocaliptico
08. Carne Para La Bestia
Style: Death Metal
Country: Argentina

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HR003CD/LP - THE TROOPS OF DOOM "The Rise Of Heresy" Digipack CD / 12" LP+CD

01. Whispering Dead Words
02. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
03. The Confessional
04. The Rise Of Heresy
05. Bestial Devastation
06. Troops Of Doom
Style: Thrash / Death Metal
Country: Brazil

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