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HC004 - SEDUCER "'Eads Down / See You At The End" CD

12 page booklet includes photos and lyrics. 

Includes rare debut single as bonus tracks,

Never released before on CD! Limited edition of 500 copies.

Style: Heavy Metal
Country: UK
Price CD: 14.50 Eur. + Postage

HC003 - ENGLISH DOGS "Forward Into Battle" Slipcase CD

Classic Speed Metal Punk album from the 80s, the definitive CD edition with improved booklet (12 pages) with lyrics, restored lp gatefold cover artwork and rare photos from 1984-85. Comes with O-Card (Slipcase) with the original german issue cover art. 

Co-released with Faster and Louder Records.
Limited to 300 copies!

Style: Metal Punk
Country: UK
Price CD: 15.50 Eur. + Postage

HC002 - SEDUCER "Caught In The Act / Indecent Exposure" CD

Seducer, came from Surrey/UK, formed by Chris Hunt, the band recorded their first album "Caught In The Act" in 1985. Operating as a power trio, they got a great reputation for playing highly energetic gigs. For the very first time reissued on CD, digitally remastered, limited to 500 copies with 12-page booklet, containing lyrics, band photos and the 1984 EP "Indecent Exposure" as bonus. A must have for fans of the NWOBHM specially bands like Raven, Avenger, Battleaxe and Atomkraft.

Style: Heavy Metal

Country: UK
Price CD: 14.50 Eur. + Postage

Seducer 1-min.jpg
HC001 - HADES "The Lost Fox Studio Session" Slipcase CD

Hades were well known players in the U.S. Metal playground. They became recognised since their first album “Resisting Success” back in 1987 where their mix of Power Metal and Thrash was the ultimate hip Metal cocktail. But with “If at first you dont succeed...” one year later, Hades establish themselves as one of the leading bands of the so-called at the time “Tecno-Thrash”, where Alan Tecchio was singing before he joined Watchtower, replacing original singer Jason McMaster. The Hades saga continued until the end of the 90s where the band recorded several album for the legendary Metal Blade label. But the Hades history dates back to 1978 and before the first album there were several demos and two 7” singles. The Fox Studios housed the band several times and from those sessions, in 1998, band leader (guitarist) Dan Lorenzo, self released “The Lost Fox Studio Sessions” CD which is now a rare collectors item. Faster and Louder & Hellven Records teamed up to bring you an updated version of this rarity with improved layout and design, plus one extra track: the most rare Hades track, the original 1983 version of “The Cross”, with singer John Collura that never recorded anything else. All the recordings on this collection were done between 1983 and 1989. This new reissue has an 8-page booklet and a slipcase. It is limited to 500 copies.

Style: Power / Thrash Metal

Country: U.S.A.
Price CD: 15.00 Eur. + Postage

Hades Fox 6-min.jpg
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